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SkyNet Consulting Group offers a Management Training Program which is set to instil an entrepreneurial mindset into its employees in order for each individual to excel while working with any Fortune 500 client.

At SkyNet Consulting Group, we strive to not only build a better life for ourselves but also for our loved ones. SkyNet Consulting Group’s management training program focuses on self-development, team building, and advancement of career and personal life.

Our Management Training Program develops professionalism, integrity and grit into our four levels of employment to better serve the Fortune 500 clients we work with to get massive results. Our four step Management training program insists of:

  • Account Representative/ Entry Level
  • Account Management/ Team Leader
  • Assistant Management
  • Management

What we ultimately want for our employees at SkyNet Consulting Group is work-life harmony accompanied with pure decisions for long-term happiness and gratitude.